Email Marketing Tools

❤️ are my favorites services. We’ll add to this list as we go along, according to your needs.

Find & collect Emails

  • ❤️ : Google Maps leads generator / Turn Google Maps into a leads machine.
  • Leadrock : is a very simple data enrichment tool and scraper
  • Nymblr : all-in-one B2B data and enrichment platform designed for salespeople.
  • EnrowIO : Free API to find and verify email addresses (Enrow)

Clean up email lists

  • ❤️ Emaillistvalidation : With Email List Validation service, you can verify deliverability of any email address before it can end up in your database
  • Reoon Email Verifier : can verify and clean your email list without sending any email.

Send email or Send a sales message

  • Accumbamail : Email marketing tool to send your emails.
  • ❤️ BreakCold : is a Social Selling CRM but also a Sales CRM with an easy to use sales pipeline management tool.